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"Preparing ourselves for the unexpected"

"Scenarios are a great way to pre-empt questions and situations that might arise"
Its your first day at University/College/Hospital. Each Midwife is assigned to a mentor. Your Mentor asks you to do a procedure that you are unsure of, what is your response?
Once of a Midwives many jobs is to write up procedures and medical interventions she has done that day. You are tired and want to go home, you are already half an hour over your shift. What would you do, finish writing up your notes or leave it until tomorrow? explain your reasoning
A women arrives into the labour ward, your mentor has just nipped out of the room and you think that the mother is ready to give birth. What signs would you look out for that mother is almost ready to birth? - look upThe rhombus of Michaelis Explain
You are in your first year of being a Student Midwife and struggling to find your joy in the career - what other options in midwifery are available to you?
There are 10 student midwives in your placement at the hospital. 2 of them don't take their placement seriously, and are making serious mistakes. explain how you would handle the situation
You are in the delivery room and a Mum is constantly questioning your age and ability, she is struggling with the pain and questioning your knowledge. Explain how you would handle such a situation.
A mother had a c-section and is complaining of soreness around her scar. You are only a student, what would your response be?
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