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Teaching, Supporting, Educating

A man becomes a father 

not at birth 

but at conception

Matthew Pearce - Director of  

The School of Antenatal Educators Ltd

Dawn Rosevear is the Tutor for The School of Antenatal Educator Teacher Training Programme

Dedicated to the field of Antenatal Education for over 20 years1 

Dawn Rosevear

Education Provider 

The School of Antenatal Educators Ltd 

Matthew Pearce is our Tutor for the Dads Antenatal Training.

He has extensive experience in the Teaching Role, showing compassion and a real understanding of the Role of Fathers in this modern-day era. 

Matthew Pearce

Matthew Pearce


The School of Antenatal Educators Ltd 

Dads Antenatal Support Practitioner Training

Matthew offers training with practical application of pregnancy and labour resources along with a down to earth way of teaching. 

 Helping develop not only a good relationship with his students but also 

developing a great support network as the Students grow.

Dads Reach

Dads Antenatal Practitioner Training

Providing practical, information and Antenatal support for dads-to-be . 

Helping new fathers be the best support during the pregnancy and Birth and beyond! 

Offering a wonderful insight into the Role fathers play during labour. 

Empowering dads-to-be to not only support their partners but to be hands on in the baby care too!

We believe dads want to be a support, they want guidance on how to support their partners – this journey in education starts here

Qualification will enable you to deliver Antenatal Classes to dads-to-be.

FEDANT UK Accredited Course

£1,259 Workshop plus Assignments

£1,500 Workshops plus Exam

No Annual Fees

No Ties to The School of Antenatal Educators

FEDANT Reg: 557707/893