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Teaching Plan 

"All too often we teach topics in an obvious way. 

This is particularly an issue if you have been teaching 

for a long time and got stuck in a rut. 

Thinking outside the box helps us make it our own"

Make a Difference! 

Choose one of the following topics: The aims are the reason WHY you are teaching something. You can choose any topics:
Teachers aims: The aims are related to the teacher, not the client. What are you trying to achieve? What is your purpose in teaching this topic? When defining the aims you would ask yourself questions such as: What are you trying to achieve? Why are you teaching this course? What is its purpose? Why are you teaching this? Examples of aims might include: The aim of this topic is to enhance the knowledge and skills of clients to enable them to have a positive birth experience. The aim of this topic is to provide a deeper understanding of birth and enhance the physical skills a client has to cope with labour. or The aim of this topic is to increase awareness of the different pain relief options available in order for clients to make informed choices about the options that are right for them during labour
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