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"Preparing ourselves for the unexpected"

"Scenarios are a great way to pre-empt questions and situations in a class that might arise!"
You are about to run the first class of a 6 week course. The Group is very quiet and many are hesitant to speak up. Describe one activity you would try in the next class that would help them feel more involved and relaxed in the class. Explain your reasoning for your choice:
You are told that a lady from your class has had her baby at 25 weeks, unfortunately, it didn’t survive. you have a class with ladies who know her from the same course. Some are aware of what happened and are worried. How would you explain this to the rest of the class? Explain the reasoning behind your thinking and how you would handle this situation, what would be your concerns?
You find that some couples are disturbing the class by talking and laughing, making it hard for you to concentrate. Explain how you would handle such a situation and reasoning behind it
There is a first time Mum in your class, who wants to elect a c-section. Explain how you would handle the conversation especially as others in the class have heard and may be influenced by her decision. What would be your hoped outcome of the discussion.
You are half way through running your classes and the same lady is constantly turning up late for the classes and disturbing the other mums. She has missed half of the information. What do you do?
You are teaching your class and a Mum is constantly questioning your teaching, almost questioning your knowledge. Explain how you would handle such a situation.
You are at the end of your 6 week classes. Everyone is hugging and saying goodbyes, many are swapping numbers to keep in touch. What could you provide to aid this continued friendships.
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